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Company Registered name Aerina Organics Enterprise

SSM Registration Number : 202003380544 (CT0083406-P)

Telephone : +601163271227

Email : [email protected]


All our prices are shown in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and exclude postage & packaging fees. The cost of our ingredients & packaging materials vary and we therefore reserve the right to change our product prices without prior notice. This does not apply to orders already placed & paid in full.


All orders will be processed & dispatched upon receipt of payment.


We accept online payments by credit or debit cards using a secure encrypted payment gateway provided by SenangPay. For customers with a PayPal account, we offer the option to use your Paypal balance. Payment made by PayPal to [email protected]


Postage will be charged as stated on the website, We reserve the right to change & amend our postage prices and / or methods of shipping. For details of our current postage rates and related shipping conditions, please refer to our shipping page.


It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the delivery address is entered in full and that the address is complete and postcode correct at the time the order is placed. When the delivery address is a company address, the company name must also be entered, along with the name of the recipient.

If your products are returned back to us either by the courier service, we reserve the right to charge you for the costs incurred for the shipping of your parcel.

Should you decide to have your order re-send, please note we will request payment of the applicable shipping fee before sending your order for the second time. Please contact us using Contact Us form.


Aerina Organics' products are very often made to order, they are fresh and handmade. Please allow up to 3 working days for your order to be processed & dispatched.

When ordering in the run up to big public holidays, please check our shipping page for ordering deadlines and expected delays.

Orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday or if you happen to order over a public holiday, your order will be processed on the first working day.

We do not accept responsibility for loss resulting from delivery delays.


Once an order has been placed we are not able to add to it or combine it with another order. The only change we can do for you is to cancel it completely providing it has not been dispatched.


We do not accept responsibility for misuse of our products. It is the responsibility of the customer to use the products with discretion. We do not accept responsibility for damage or defect of goods arising from incorrect storage or use by the customer. We accept no liability for loss or consequential damage arising from the goods supplied.


All products are checked carefully before dispatch to the customer. We cannot be held responsible for deterioration of the products due to the customer's incorrect storage conditions ie, exposure to direct sunlight, humidity or heat etc. The customer should ensure that the products are kept in cool and dry conditions (bathroom windowsills are often exposed to direct sunlight and so are the creams or products displayed on them), and a clean spatula is used to remove products from the jar (instead of fingers) to minimise the risk of deterioration in the product resulting from external contamination.


Our products are not preserved with chemicals substances such as parabens or phenoxyethanol. Instead, we use aspen bark extract or Leucidal. All ingredients used in our formulations are of natural origin with as minimal processing as possible. Our products have a shelf life of a minimum of 9 months unopened, and 6 months from opening. Most products will be usable for longer, however their quality may detiriorate. To avoid disappointment, please start using your products as soon as possible after purchase and keep them away from sun or heat. Please avoid stocking up - just like with fresh food, you are best buying only what you are likely to use within a few months.


We do not accept responsibility for the misuse of our products. It is the responsibility of the customer to use the products with discretion and check with a professional if in doubt. Pregnant customers and those on medication are urged to check suitability of our products with the health practitioner. By purchasing our products you recognize and accept the fact that that some natural ingredients, essential oils in particular, may still cause sensitivity.


All data, facts & references on our website are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of professionals. By purchasing our products you accept responsibility to check with a professional before using any products that may interfere with drugs or medical conditions. We recommend performing a patch test on your skin. If no reaction occurs, you can continue using the product. We accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of information or products. 


The privacy and security of your personal information is our priority. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will never disclose your personal details to anybody. We use the information you provide to complete orders, keep you informed of the progress of your order & to send you further information. If you register your e-mail with us for our newsletter or for new product updates, your e-mail address will never be passed on to third parties.