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My name is Ernie Khairina. I’m a certified organic skincare formulator and the founder of Aerina Organics. Aerina Organics is a Malaysian based artisanal skincare line with an enthusiasm for halal, organic, ethical products formulated with global treasures of potent botanical actives. Our thoughtful formulations are handcrafted, honestly clean and cruelty-free, in line with your natural values and healthy lifestyle. The journey of Aerina Organics began when I discovered about my son ASD condition. The first thing I did was change the diet and ditch toxic chemicals from our home. The process of learning this healthy lifestyle finally landed me to learn about natural healing and I did my ‘Babies, Children and Aromatherapy’ course years ago. I’m grateful to have the opportunities to travel and hand pick some of our ingredients from growers ; cold pressed oils, essential oils, bring back flowers and herbs and handcrafted my own plant extract in our in-house lab. As seen photo, sweet kisses from my daughter at a Chamomile farm where I source my Chamomile oil. When I don’t, I buy the ingredients from approved organic suppliers and I have good relationships with them, I know exactly the origin of each ingredients that I use. This lifelong journey of learning has got me to venture in organic skincare formulation. Inspired by all natural, healthy lifestyle and self-care I created a line of skincare that is all about being nurtured, feel confidence and refreshed. I'm a certified organic skincare formulator and I pride myself on using only honestly clean ingredients in all products, free from toxic chemicals and GMOs so that you don’t have to worry about it, which means you can feel the best version of your healthiest life. I handcrafted each and every product myself, with love, in small batches so you’ll get fresh products every time shipped to you. In my spare time, I enjoy to cook, watch documentaries, read travel books but most of the time I’m busy with my beautiful children and we love nature outdoor activities. Last but not least, enjoy finding your favorite and discover some of our award winning product. Naturally yours, Ernie Khairina.