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Sweet Dream


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For quick sleepy time and deep slumber with 30 mins of massage needed prior to bedtime.


Organic Refined Coconut oil, beeswax

Organic Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Sweet Marjoram and  Mandarin Orange essential oil.


Have you ever been in this situation; kids fell asleep at 5pm, woke up at 8pm and became energetic as ever you wonder when will they get to sleep again?

Oh been there, done that!

SWEET DREAM blend has a grounding effect as it helps to shut off the brain and bring peace to those who have an overactive mind. I use SWEET DREAM as massage oil 30 mins before their bedtime, a good bonding time! This is the blend I can proudly say that I used to set the kids' biological clock because I want them to get that peaceful 12 hours of deep sleep.

And when they all fall asleep, I use SWEET DREAM for myself too. I found the blend very relaxing with calming aroma during my me-time.


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