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Made Safe For Kids Essential Oils


Made Safe for Kids EO balm is a perfect First Aid kit 

  • boosts body immune system and reduce fever / recover quickly
  • helps for cough and congested nose / safe vapor rub alternative
  • relieves digestion discomfort or tummy ache
  • use for relaxation and quick sleepy time
  • massage for muscle pain or bruise
  • bugs and mosquitoes repellant

our story

I started to use essential oils as an alternative healing for my son who is on the spectrum of ASD. We used one or two types of essential oils and saw improvement on him, since then I developed a strong interest in essential oils but during that time I had limited resources. I read and learned about essential oils and as I traveled I knew there are lots of supply to high quality essential oils. Made Safe for Kids is inspired by my kids and I wanted to make them accessible to everyone with no compromise to quality. Safety is always my top priority. I have completed 'Babies, Children & Aromatherapy' course and I'm determined for this collection to use only recommended safe essential oils for kids.

No oils 2

Made Safe for Kids organic essential oils collection is always dear to my heart. I hope you feel the care, thoughtfulness and love that went into each blend that has its own story; what inspired me to make the blend and why you must have it. You'll learn about it from the product pages.